NA/EECS 568, ROB 530: 

Mobile Robotics: Methods and Algorithms

Winter 2018-2023

Winter 2022 course is available online on YouTube and Github. 

Theory and application of probabilistic and geometric techniques for autonomous mobile robotics. This course presents and critically examines contemporary algorithms for robot perception. Topics include Bayesian filtering; stochastic representations of the environment; motion and sensor models for mobile robots; algorithms for mapping and localization; application to autonomous marine, ground, and air vehicles. 

Winter 2018

Winter 2019

NA 565, ROB 535, ME 599: 

Self Driving Cars: Perception and Control

Fall 2023-

Self-driving cars are a transformative technology for society. This course covers the underlying technologies in perception and control. Topics include deep learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, localization, trajectory optimization, obstacle avoidance, and vehicle dynamics. The course includes theoretical underpinnings of self-driving car algorithms and practical application of the material in hands-on labs.

ROB 101: 

Computational Linear Algebra

New Course - Fall 2020-2021

Fall 2021 ROB 101 course is available online on YouTube and Github. 

Linear algebra and computation as a means for reasoning about data and making discoveries about the world. Topics: The Julia programming language. Systems of linear equations. Vectors, matrices, inverses. Regression. Matrix factorization. Spatial coordinates.  Cameras, LiDARS, accelerometers, single-axis gyroscopes, encoders. Optimization and robot perception. What is an ODE.

ROB 101 received the Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize.